Category: Engineering

How to Optimise the Design of Public E-bikes with a User-Centred Approach

This paper focuses on bettering the current design of E-bikes with an intent to improve the user-centred approach. It does this by considering an existing company case study, compiling an HTA of the process, and identifying problems. For each of the issues noted, it then offers a suggestion to improve public E-bikes as a whole.

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Optimization of the Public Electric Scooter Service Using a User-Centered Design Process

This paper aims to present a newly improved design of E-Scooters and their system by establishing a framework for a user-centered design process. Hierarchical task analysis, as well as knowledge of the general socio-technical system, is then applied to identify areas of improvement within the system, and using this as a reference, user requirements are stated and justified, and a low-fidelity prototype of the electric scooter is constructed.

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