Category: Medicine

Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance: A Review of the Mechanisms, Factors, and Implications of a Growing Field

This paper reveals that increasing awareness of the apparent effects of TEI is integral to improving public health policies. It demonstrates the need for future researchers to investigate how best to increase awareness of TEI for policymakers, healthcare professionals and the general public.

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Maternity Epigenetic Nutrition Planning

This research paper examines the ways in which maternal nutrition affects the fetal genome and shapes the health of the offspring well into adulthood. It argues that tailoring a maternal diet to avoid epigenetic pitfalls, excess weight gain, the stereotypical Western diet, and including key nutrients will lead to healthier fetal development that continues into adulthood and future generations.

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The Role of Personalised Medicine in the Early Detection of Cervical Cancer

This article delves into cervical cancer, navigating its epidemiological landscape. It dissects the various aetiological factors at play while scrutinising the evolution of preventive strategies and screening protocols over time.

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