Category: Law

Crime in Space

What happens if a crime is committed in space? What was once an interesting thought experiment is becoming an increasingly pressing legal issue as both commercial and state space travel looks set to increase rapidly in the coming years. This research paper looks to answer this question, considering past cases and current thinking.

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In a Global Health Emergency, Intellectual Property Rights Should Automatically Be Waived: A Discussion of the Arguments For and Against

The aim of this research paper is to analyse and evaluate the arguments for and against whether intellectual property rights should automatically be waived in a global health emergency. The paper scrutinises Rawls’ moral and philosophical argument which contends that basic liberties, namely global health, must always supersede secondary rights, such as intellectual property rights, regardless of the circumstances. It also considers South African and Indian proposals to temporarily waive intellectual property rights for vaccines in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic. In the second part, the article evaluates the arguments against the proposition.

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